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Antigua & Barbuda

Welcome to V.C. BIRD
International Airport

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    Antigua and Barbuda seeks to update its Travel Advisory from time to time based on the advise of agencies like the CDC. See here for the latest advisory and much more useful information about enjoying your travels to our beautiful destination safely.

    Latest information on the Coronavirus and V.C. Bird International Airport
    Proud to serve our global community for the past 40 years

    Celebrate the 40th anniversary
    of V.C. Bird Int’l Airport

    In 2025, the VC Bird International Airport will celebrate its 40th anniversary. In 1985, the airport was renamed after Antigua and Barbuda’s national hero and first prime minister Sir Vere Cornwall Bird. We invite you on a tour of the intriguing history of our wonderful facilities.
    Resilience Reflection Recovery

    Celebrating 40 Years of Independence

    Our majestic airport is located in the beautiful twin-island destination of Antigua and Barbuda, which is in the midst of celebrating its 40th anniversary of Independence.

    Our colourful flag that represents the warmth and vibrancy of our people is a welcoming feature of your arrival to paradise as we celebrate the momentous occasion. 

    The long-awaited launch of our website therefore could not have come at a better time as it is with a deep sense of pride that we share its pages with loads of informative and helpful content with you.
    We invite you to browse its many sections that were thoughtfully put together for your convenience.

    The work is far from over. Additional features will be added to ensure all our travellers are provided with the exclusive benefits of modern-day travel at their fingertips.

    For now, if you are visiting, especially as we celebrate our 40 years of Independence, enjoy Antigua and Barbuda and if you are leaving, please do come again!

    Flight Information

    Flights last updated at: 15:11
    Time Airline Flight To Status
    2021-11-30 09:15 Saint Barth Commuter PV42 Gustaf III (St-Jean) landed
    2021-11-30 09:45 Winair WM316 Princess Juliana International landed
    2021-11-30 09:45 Air France AF3899 Princess Juliana International landed
    2021-11-30 09:45 KLM KL9140 Princess Juliana International landed
    2021-11-30 09:45 Air Antilles Express 3S6316 Princess Juliana International landed
    2021-11-30 10:15 interCaribbean Airways JY632 Beef Island scheduled
    Time Airline Flight From Status
    2021-11-30 08:39 Saint Barth Commuter PV41 Gustaf III (St-Jean) landed
    2021-11-30 09:25 Winair WM315 Princess Juliana International landed
    2021-11-30 09:45 interCaribbean Airways JY631 Beef Island active
    2021-11-30 12:24 JetBlue Airways B6743 John F Kennedy International active
    2021-11-30 14:02 Wiggins Airways WIG8109 Luis Munoz Marin International scheduled
    2021-11-30 14:06 American Airlines AA978 John F Kennedy International active

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