Customs and immigration

On landing in Antigua & Barbuda, your first processing point is Immigration. Collect your checked luggage and then it’s off to Customs. That’s the last step standing between you and your vacation!


Arriving in Antigua & Barbuda

You have landed where land and sea make beauty… Antigua.

Upon arrival, passengers will be directed to the Arrivals Hall. There are two separate lines for immigration: Residents and Visitors. Mixed parties may queue in either line.

Traveling to Antigua & Barbuda
All visitors to Antigua & Barbuda will receive immigration forms during their flight. These are also available in the Arrivals Hall. Both sides of the form must be completed and presented on arrival to Antigua & Barbuda.

Let’s get you on your way to relaxation or business.

  • Ensure that your immigration form is completed.  DO NOT forget the back.  That portion will be needed at Customs.
  • Follow the signs that lead you to immigration after you have cleared the jet bridge.

If you have booked our Fast Track Service, please look out for our CSR who will be displaying your name and/or place of accommodation. 

  • If you are an international visitor, please follow the sign that directs you to that line.  Returning Nationals please follow the sign.  An immigration officer will be at the entrance to assist you if necessary.

For more information regarding immigration, please visit the Government of Antigua & Barbuda’s Immigration website here:



All passengers arriving in Antigua & Barbuda will be presented with a Customs Traveller Declaration form. This will be provided to you on board by your airline and there are copies available in the Arrivals Hall.

Customs has a duty to protect Antigua & Barbuda from the importation of drugs, firearms and other harmful goods and to stop travellers evading import duty. To do this, they need the cooperation of all passengers.

The Customs Traveller Declaration only needs to be completed by those arriving in Antigua & Barbuda if they have goods in excess of their duty-free allowance. When more than one member of the same household is travelling together, one household member may complete a combined Customs declaration.

The duty-free allowances for every person aged 18 years of age or more include up to:

  • 1 litre of spirits
  • 1 litre of wine
  • 500g of tobacco
  • 50 cigars
  • 200 cigarettes

Every person entitled to reside in Antigua & Barbuda has a $200 duty-free allowance on their personal goods that accompany them to the island by air.

Visitors to Antigua & Barbuda are entitled to $50 duty-free allowance on their personal goods that accompany them to the island by air.

Typically, duty will be assessed by Customs at the standard rate of 25 percent of the value of goods in excess of the duty-free allowance.

Controlled substances, obscene material, fireworks, firearms, and ammunition are generally prohibited from being imported.

Live animals, plants, fruit, and vegetables require an import permit.

Cash and negotiable instruments of a value greater than USD $10,000 must be declared to Customs. “Cash” includes coins and banknotes in any currency, whilst “negotiable instruments” include cheques, travellers’ cheques, promissory notes, and money orders.

You have almost finished!  It is time to collect your bags and go through the Customs process.

  • Collect all luggage at the designated carousel. 
  • Proceed to the designated Customs line.  If you have “Nothing to Declare”, please join that line and alternatively join the “Declare” line if you have something to declare.  DO NOT forget to have your Declaration form ready.
  • A customs officer will be at the point of entry to guide you through the process.

For more information on our Customs Division Regulations, please visit