⚠️Please have your Covid-19 negative test ready upon arrival at the VC Bird International Airport:  ⚠️ Click here for more Updates on Covid-19


While you await your departure or upon your arrival, explore our wide range of duty free shops.  Our new facility caters to the shoppers’ delight with more than 10 retail, food and beverage commercial outlets.

Gifts and Souvenirs

Souvenir Shop, Edibles and More

Tailor's Daughter

Close to: Gate 2

Jewelry Store

Colombian Emeralds

Close to: Gate 2

Souvenir Shop

Britt Shop

Close to: Gate 2

Liquor Store

Premier Cru

Close to: Security Check Point

Liquor Store


Close to: Gate 3

Perfume and Name Brand Bags Store


Close to: Security Check Point

Premium Liquors and Souvenirs


Close to: Upon Arrivals within Immigration