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Airport Signing Ceremony

Monday morning saw the Big Banana executive lounge playing host to the Antigua & Barbuda Airport Authority official signing ceremony for its landmark Airport Excellence (APEX) in Safety Review.The mission of Airports Council International (ACI) is to promote the collective interest of the world’s airports, the communities they serve and to promote professional excellence in airport operations and management, with safety being the top priority.

John Pottinger, team leader of ACI World commented, "we can all learn from each other. We are looking for a relationship, where you can trust us and we can trust you. The difference with APEX is, this is an observation on how we can best help you."

The message being brought home was that airports are no longer considered to only be infrastructure providers, but business entities.

Governments, including that of Antigua & Barbuda, are making huge changes in how their airports and port facilities are owned and managed.

Antigua & Barbuda will be the first in the Caribbean and Latin America to benefit from what the scheme has to offer.

APEX in safety provides several elements tailored to the individual needs of airports and proposes effective solutions which are expected to lead to the improvement of the safety standing of the airports who participate in the programme.

"Sometimes it’s providing training. Sometimes it’s just providing material...This is the first part, it’s critical. The activity schedule has to be a flexible document. Each airport is different. We know what activities we have to accomplish.

The objective is an action – a workable plan," Pottinger said.

The on-site safety review should last up to one week, with the final report (within 8 weeks) emphasizing the short, medium and long-term solutions to enhance the level of safety, as well as the means and actions that are deemed most appropriate to achieve these results. The results of the safety review will remain confidential.

Speaking on behalf of ABAA, Chief Executive Officer Stanley Smith said "this is a learning curve. We can only learn from this group who has a number of experiences. What I am asking of the team is to pick their brain – literally."

Director of Operations at ABAA, Edward Gilkes ended the meeting by urging the visitors of each organisation to not make this visit be the last, but the first one.

"Enjoy the sun, fun, rum, and anything that is Antiguan," he said.

Source: www.caribarena.com

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