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Safety and Security
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Passenger Screening
At V.C Bird International Airport passengers are screened to international standards in order to ensure the safest environment possible. Security measures include documentation checks, 100% passenger screening at our security checkpoints and additional random screening carried out at the gates prior to passengers boarding flights.

Luggage Screening
All luggage and cargo accepted for carriage at the V.C. Bird International Airport must undergo x-ray screening prior to being loaded on any flight. Checked luggage may also require additional screening by hand and therefore should not be locked. If baggage requiring additional screening is locked, passengers will be called upon to have the luggage opened.

Restricted and Prohibited Items
 Not all items are permitted to be transported as carry-on baggage, checked luggage or as cargo. Some items may be permitted in restricted quantities for travel by air or prohibited completely. During luggage screening, any such item(s) found in passenger luggage or cargo will be removed and destroyed.

Please review the list of restricted and prohibited items and pack accordingly.

Click here for a list of restricted and prohibited items.

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