⚠️Please have your Covid-19 negative test ready upon arrival at the VC Bird International Airport:  ⚠️ Click here for more Updates on Covid-19

Arrivals & Departures
Flights last updated at: 11:11
Time Airline Flight To Status
2022-01-16 19:10 Qatar Airways QR6276 Gatwick landed
2022-01-16 19:10 Iberia IB7609 Gatwick landed
2022-01-16 19:10 British Airways BA2156 Gatwick landed
2022-01-16 19:15 Winair WM318 Princess Juliana International landed
Time Airline Flight From Status
2022-01-16 15:28 Iberia IB4570 Miami International Airport landed
2022-01-16 18:00 British Airways BA2156 Robert L Bradshaw International landed
2022-01-16 18:40 Air France AF3277 Princess Juliana International scheduled