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Airport History
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In 1942 the United States Army constructed an aerodrome in Antigua for military use.  A few years later in 1949, The United States of America turned over the Base to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. Civilian use of the airport commenced in 1952 and the airport became known as the Coolidge Airport.  During the nineteen sixties to early seventies, runway and airside improvements were carried out and the runway 07/25 was extended to 5700 ft then to 7500 ft and finally in 1972 extended to 9000 ft through a grant by the Canadian Government.

Later that decade the parking apron was further expanded and two additional parking positions were installed for turbo-prop aircrafts.
A new passenger terminal building was constructed in 1982 and became operational north of the previous terminal and consisted of an area space of 60,000 sq ft.  In 1985 The Coolidge airport was renamed in honour of the Country‚Äôs first Premier the Honourable Dr. Sir Vere Cornwall Bird Sr.

Over the years V.C Bird International Airport has seen arrivals by PanAM, Eastern Airlines, Trans Canada Air Lines ( renamed Air Canada), Air France, American Airlines, BWIA, British Airways, Lufthansa and LIAT with services to the Caribbean, North America and The United Kingdom and Europe.

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